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2017 Conference Seminar and Speaker Details

Speakers for 2018

Keynote Speakers: Brian and Betsy Ray

Steve DemmeBrian and Betsy Ray have home educated their eight children ages 19-30's from birth through high school graduation. They reside in Colorado, USA.

Brian is the founder of the National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), in 1990  and is the president of the institute. He holds his Ph.D. in science education from Oregon State University, his M.S. in zoology from Ohio University, and his B.S. in biology from the University of Puget Sound. Dr. Ray has been a middle school and high school classroom teacher in both public and private schools, an undergraduate college professor, and a university professor at the graduate level. He is a leading international expert with regard to homeschool research. Dr. Ray executes and publishes research, speaks to the public, testifies before legislators, and serves as an expert witness in courts.

NHERI conducts and collects research about homeschooling and publishes the research journal called the Home School Researcher. The institute has hundreds of research works documented and catalogued on home schooling, many of which were done by NHERI. Simply put, NHERI specializes in homeschool research.

Betsy is a warm, compassionate, and fun-hearted teacher. She and Brian have been married 33 years and have 8 children, ages married to 14, and four grandchildren. All were/are homeschooled through their secondary years. Betsy home educates her children, helps manage a six-acre farm, grows and preserves large amounts of food, is a part of local and statewide homeschool leadership, and is active in her community exercising her gifts of hospitality, teaching, and counseling other women. Betsy earned her B.S. in elementary education. Betsy is also a key support to her husband, Dr. Brian Ray, in his international work as president of the National Home Education Research Institute.

Workshop Speakers: Brian and Betsy Ray, Mary-Ellen Datema, Peter Stock, Nancy Schriemer, Diana Rolston, Cory MacAree, Robin Gilman, Samantha Cameron, Andrea Nichols, Thomas Bailey, Sarah Proud, Leanne Seel and more!

Session Sneak Peek:  Swimming Upstrea: Why Keep Homeschooling, On Your Toes: Homeschooling with Toddlers Underfoot, Keeping the Faith in the Scientific Age, If Homeschooling is so good, why don't Educators Promote It?, Goal Setting, Teaching Electives, Teaching Writing, Life Learning, Homeschool 101, Teaching High School, Preschool... and so much more!

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