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Bonnie Landry

Bonnie Landry

Bonnie Landry is a Catholic convert and mama who lives in the little hamlet of Cobble Hill on Vancouver Island, British Columbia with her family. She and her husband Albert have been raising and homeschooling their seven children since 1987. They’ve reached the age of their children marrying and grandbabies coming in quick succession. Bonnie hosts the podcast Make Joy Normal: cozy homeschooling, where she covers a range of topics that lend themselves to her mission: JOY.

Living simply, discipline with dignity, fostering community, seeking to be present and encouraging families are all central to her life.

Years of homeschoolers confirms for Bonnie that strong relationships are fundamental for success in education. And the rest of life. Life is kind of a bust if you can’t get along with people.

She strives to make joy normal.

9:00am: Opening Keynote:

Why Education Matters

If the most important work we do as parents is to raise good and thoughtful children, then why does education matter at all? Education matters because to truly reach our full potential as humans we need to expand the mind to its full capacity. Education's proper place is to develop people to their fullest potential without worshipping education. The primary goals we want to achieve to in education is to aid our children in critical thinking, problem solving, and expressing ourselves with clarity and charity.


Shortcuts to Joy: homeschooling the way you thought it would be

We all learn best in an environment of joy. Joy is a means to reach our full potential. Our relationships (with God, self, family and friends) have the biggest impact on our experience of joy. How do we find joy and keep joy? By employing these two tools: simplicity and surrender.The "tyranny of the urgent" should not be the state in which our families run. In our spiritual life and our family life, simplicity and surrender allow us greater capacity for joy.


Homeschooling Simplified: what matters most

Parents are primarily concerned with what kind of people they will raise. People of integrity, faith, honesty, empathy, diligence. It’s easy to lose sit of the big picture. Recognize and avoid the pitfalls that create discord, clutter and chaos (emotional, spiritual and temporal) into a more joyful, ordered environment. How do we create an environment that helps us to homeschool and discipline our children more effectively. How do we get it done, and make it meaningful?


Families Become What You Are: intimate communities of life and love

Defining "what really matters" in family life helps us stay focused on the big reasons we teach our own. Parents are primarily concerned with what kind of people they will raise. People of integrity, faith, honesty, empathy, diligence. What can we do, as parents, to mitigate the stress we experience when we fail, and how do we grow as people so that we can live more resilient lives?