A roundup of math curriculum reviews

Did you know that March 14, 2015 was the pi day of the century? (3.1415….) To celebrate this special day, let’s talk math!

A recent RVHEA survey asked what math curriculum our members used. Here are the responses:








Math-U-See (http://mathusee.com/)

Math-U-See was the most popular curriculum.

“My daughter is almost 12. We have used Math-U-See as our math curriculum since the beggining. When asking her what she likes most about it, she replies “I actually understand it”. What I like the most about it, is that in less then 30 minutes a day, five times a week, she has become very good at math. There are 3 practice sheets with only the lesson in mind, if she gets the first one right, she does not have to do the other two. There are 3 other sheets that have the lesson and previous lessons practice. It is great because like that, she does not forget…The weekly tests and unit tests are also great. The correction book is clear and my daughter does the correcting her self, all I ask is that she can explain to me her mistakes. I only correct the test, so it helps my daughter be independent. I do sit with her for the 5 to 10 minute DVD lesson at the beginning of the week to make sure she gets it. It is great for me, I am re-learning a lot. And this time, it makes sens! it is very logical. Wish I had Math-U-See when I grew up. Things would have made a lot more sens! I don’t think I would change anything about it, it works just great!” – Edwidge, RVHEA member

“Our kids are 7, 9, almost 11 and 13 1/2. We have been using MUS since the beginning of our homeschooling journey. All kids started at the Primer level and oldest son is now at the Algebra 1 and also working through Stewardship. What I like the best about MUS is that it is multi-sensory – there is manipulations, visual, writing, and reading. If I could change something I would like to have a bit more word problems in it. But the kids are exposed to these as well. The DVDs are based on American standards but we have the Canadian books. I am grateful that the newest edition of the Teacher books contains the whole solution of problems not just the answers. It is great to have for upper levels because I can easily identify where the miscalculations are when there are errors. The only thing that I would like to say is that MUS is fabulous for our family. Back in the days when we were investigating homeschooling they had a DVD you could get for free in order to determine if it would be a good fit for the family. Watching this DVD helped us to decide for our math curriculum. Wish there was something similar in French to be honest. The rep of MUS that comes at RVHEA Conference is great and would help you.” – Isabelle, RVHEA member

If you’d like to check out samples of Math-U-See, the Alpha and Beta levels are available at the RVHEA library.

Life of Fred

applesThe Life of Fred has proven to be the most borrowed series that the RHVEA library has. You can read my previous review here: http://www.rvhea.org/library/resource-highlight-life-of-fred/


Singapore Math

The RVHEA library has a number of these books available for your perusal: http://www.rvhea.org/library/search-catalog/?searchby=title&searchbox=singapore&weblib_orderby=barcode&weblib_order=ASC

Other possibilities

Check out all the math resources in the RVHEA library here: http://www.rvhea.org/library/search-catalog/?searchby=keyword&searchbox=math&weblib_orderby=barcode&weblib_order=ASC

Math reviews from Canadian bloggers:

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Happy pi day!