How do I borrow something?

To borrow something from the library, you must be a member of Rideau Valley Home Educators’ Association.  If it’s your first time borrowing a book, print your membership card (or access it on your phone) by logging into the RVHEA site, and clicking on “My profile” in the navigation menu, then “Membership card.”  Bring this card with you to the library.

Attached to each item in the collection is a pocket with a card in it.  Pull out the card, write your name on the next line, and fill in the due date, which will be 4 weeks from the date of checkout.

Find your envelope in one of the boxes on the top of the shelves closest to the sanctuary windows in the library.  Envelopes are filed alphabetically.

Put the card for the item checked out into your envelope.

File your envelope behind the month for when your item is due back to the library.

Enjoy your items!

When returning

If possible, please pull the card out of your envelope and put it back into the item before leaving the item in the box to be re-shelved by library staff.

Items can also be pushed through church’s mail slot if you are unable to come to the library when it’s open.  We will take it from there.