Teaching multiplication with Times Tales

times-talesTimes Tales are stories created with numbers to help kids (and adults!) remember multiplication facts. The RVHEA library recently acquired the DVD set and an accompanying review notebook after the purchase was suggested by a member.

I’ve been testing the DVD with my kids (ages 9 and 7) for the last week or so and I’m really impressed with it. It’s a completely different way to look at multiplication memorization! We’ve already done the drill approach with our regular curriculum and had some good success. I was hoping that this DVD would help fill in the facts here and there that my kids still hesitate with, and it’s working.

The person who suggested this purchase mentioned that it’s endorsed by Susan Barton (an internationally recognized expert in dyslexia).   I think it could be a good fit for any child who needs some help memorizing their multiplication tables, whether they have dyslexia or not.

Did I mention that the library has it? Borrow it for a month (that’s probably as long as you’d need with it), and return it. No cost, and you don’t have to store it when you’re done! Just borrow it again when your next child is ready. If you’d like to place a hold on this item, please click here.

Or watch the video from the publisher to learn more: