S11 John Janssen - Science Supports the Scripture

Christians will be encouraged in their faith as they hear how scientific evidence supports what the Bible says, particularly the book of Genesis. When we see that Genesis can be trusted in everything it says, including science, it builds faith in the entire Bible. Come out and hear that science actually supports the Bible, ask some questions and explore ways to teach your children that the Bible can be trusted in all that it says.

Biography: Having been introduced to Biblical Creation and Biblical Authority a decade ago, John decided to study further and became a volunteer for Answers in Genesis. He has given many presentations in churches and different groups on topics such as 'Races', 'Dinosaurs and the Bible', 'Relevance of Genesis' and 'Noah's Ark and the Worldwide Flood'. Married to Melanie for 15 years, father to 7 children, John presently works as an Air Traffic Controller at Toronto Pearson International Airport. He enjoys working in the garden with Melanie and building their little hobby farm. He plays a lot of sports and now loves to teach and play those same sports with the children.