S12 Ingrid Poupart - What it feels like having reading difficulties

Students who can’t read feel shame and embarrassment. Parents can’t understand why their child can’t pick up the reading skills. Come and find out how reading works in the brain and why students might not be able to pick up the skill. This interactive seminar allows the audience to experience what their struggling student goes through on a daily basis.

Biography: Ingrid Poupart, a long time educator, has worked in Montreal’s public school system for 25 years. Growing up with learning difficulties, Ingrid witnessed first-hand that sometimes the one-on-one reading and literacy programs did not help. When she returned to the academic world as a professional, she was able to use this intimate knowledge to discover why traditional methods did not always help and was introduced to her first brain training program. So her passion then became to find out why and how she could help her students and their parents more directly. With the understanding of the student’s needs, Ingrid decided she needed to spread awareness to the public; that there should be no shame in being dyslexic or having learning differences! Ingrid sought to increase public awareness of dyslexia, and other reading difficulties and also felt the time was right to bring a different approach to her community.