S13 Ellen Hackett - Homeschool 101

Are you considering homeschooling or have you just started and wonder what your priorities should be? Do you only have preschoolers, or are you thinking of taking your children out of school and aren’t sure where to begin?
During the workshop we will consider these questions and other concerns new homeschoolers have such as:
Are there Biblical directives that are relevant to homeschooling?
How will your family function socially and academically – how can I, as a mother, teach when I am not a “teacher”?
Does the public school model work well in the home?
What are the essentials to teach your child?
We will also address general principles of homeschooling such as goal setting, scheduling, curriculum, and maintaining a balance in your life. We will leave ample time to address your questions.

Biography: Ellen Hackett has been active with RVHEA since its inception. She has homeschooled children from kindergarten through to post-secondary and also homeschooled grandchildren for a season. Seeing children as a gift from God, she has been convicted that parents are accountable first to Him for the manner in which they are being instructed.