S14 Susan Laird - Strong-Willed Treasures

Watch out world: there is a strong will in the house! How do you face the challenges when you have a child who resists learning, questions everything and wants to do things their way? With grace and humour and lots of prayer watch YOUR life grow as you parent, teach, guide and encourage. YOU will be transformed as you allow the Lord to lead you through these turbulent years, and so influence a life. Susan taught and trained her strong-willed daughter from birth through high school graduation. Now she stands amazed as she watches this young lady achieve so much because of the inner determination which propels her through life. Come to learn the practical do's and don'ts when you've been entrusted with one of these treasures in your homeschool family.

Biography: Susan Laird home educated two daughters for 16 memory-filled years, launching them through graduation to post-secondary and work. The many bookshelves in the Laird household still attest to the fact that books enjoy a top priority in their home. The physical activity Susan implemented due to homeschooling has now become a daily way of life as she enjoys activities such as hiking, kayaking, skiing and more, on a regular basis. She and her husband, Ben, live in Burlington where Susan continues to use her education background serving in the homeschool community by leading classes and tutoring students. Her heart’s desire is to mentor and encourage families as the Lord leads them on their homeschool journey.