S17 Nancy Schreimer - The Art of Teaching in the Homeschool

Homeschooling is a challenging calling that can sometimes overwhelm us. However, remembering the Bible’s view of education gives us guidelines, vision, and hope whatever our homeschooling approach and whatever the ages of our children. Making it practical, I will share what we have learned over two decades of homeschooling toddlers to teens, trying out various methods, exploring curricula, learning from others, and making mistakes. We have learned what we need to do every day and what to avoid, what to streamline and what to emphasize. An annotated resource list will be provided.

Biography: Except when their children went on the ultimate field trip to a ‘real’ school for two or three days, Henry and Nancy Schriemer have always homeschooled all five. Three are currently in university and two are doing high school at home. Having made her fair share of mistakes in the past two decades, Nancy is excited to pass on what she has learned so far as a homeschooler. lthough juggling ages, stages, subjects, curricula, and personalities is challenging, God gives grace and strength in weakness. With this in mind, she loves to encourage Christian homeschoolers.