S19 Stephen Priddle and Stephen Shew - Dads Session - Two Perspectives

Two Stephens (Shew and Priddle) will share about their homeschooling journey and philosophy. This will include what convinced them to home educate, the family and marriage dynamics, and things they learned through the experience that they would like to share with others.
Shew has three girls who started in the public system and has one finishing home education, with the children’s post-secondary focus being fine and vocal arts. On the other hand, Priddle has three boys and a girl and has completed their home education, and the children’s post-secondary studies have been applied (accounting, engineering, electrician trade).

Biography: Stephen Priddle and his wife Yen home schooled their three boys and one girl from K through Gr. 12. They have been married nearly 28 years. The older two kids are married and they have three grandchildren. Stephen is passionate about teaching applied biblical truth as a lay speaker. He works as a financial executive with a technology company and is also a business speaker and writer.
Stephen Shew has been married to Renée for 26 years and they have three daughters. They homeschooled their girls from about grade 7 through 12, with the older two presently studying at the University of Ottawa. He has a financial role on the board of his church’s denomination and is fascinated by Trinitarian theology. He works on standards in a telecommunications company and is an inventor. Stephen enjoys photography, hunting, puns, and pneumatology.