2018 Conference - Audios for Individual Sessions

See below for descriptions of the 2018 RVHEA Conference sessions for which audios (in MP3 format) are available*. Some also include PDF handouts.

You may choose to buy a single session for $4, or you can  go here to buy all sessions for $8.

* Due to unforeseen circumstances RVHEA does not have recordings of the four talks of Keynote Speaker Brian Ray (and Diana Rolston's two talks and one of Thomas Bailey's talks). We recommend you check the recordings being offered by OCHEC for Dr. Ray who was also their speaker this year.

$4.00 for 1 session
S3: Cory McAree - Handling Conflict (Youth)

This seminar will discuss how to handle interpersonal conflict in a God-honouring way. Seminar points will address peer and inter-generational conflict, conflict with an authority figure, and what you can do when you are let down by someone you look up to.

S4: Helen Hoffmann - Homeschooling Through High School

Each stage of homeschooling is unique and the way we teach our children changes between elementary and high school but there is still great flexibility. You too can tailor your child’s high school years to their strengths and passions while preparing them for a successful adult life, as well as a post-secondary education. The pressures to put your children into school increase as the years pass but the rewards of homeschooling can outweigh the pressures tenfold. You can do it with joy and success!

S5: Betsy Ray - On your toes: Homeschooling with Toddlers Underfoot

Watch your step! Those wee ones are learning from everything you do. Betsy will offer encouragement and ideas for mothers of toddlers, especially those balancing their older and younger children’s education.

S6: Sandra Freedman - Faith and Politics

Politics and political action may not come naturally in our everyday lives, and yet decisions made at every level of government affect us all. How do you align your values, time commitments and energy towards making a difference? And what do you bring to the table as a homeschooling family and as a Christian? Turns out, homeschoolers are in a unique position to have a huge role to play in current and future elections! Explore how your faith and values can make difference in the Canadian political system.

S8: Leanne Seel - Teaching Electives at Home and in a Co-op Setting

Electives add sparkle to your homeschool and ignite passions in your children. Learn how to choose elective subjects that your kids will connect with and how to teach them in an engaging way. Also learn how to find a homeschool co-op and evaluate whether it’s a good fit for your family.

S10: Sandra Freedman - The Young Electorate (Youth)

Political parties are increasingly turning to youth and young people in Canada and around the world to support their work, build their platforms and vote their way. Social media and the issues of “youth politics” have now become central to winning elections, and so are young people who are willing to get involved at every political level to make a difference. Find out how you can have an impact now as the young electorate.

S12: Betsy Ray - Parents: Igniting the Fires of Your Mind

We want our children to be excited about learning. This can be caught from parents who are challenging themselves in new areas. Betsy will relate her experiences and ideas that could make teaching more than just getting through textbooks. She will encourage you to stimulate your thinking and give practical tips on how to relate topics in which you never thought you would be interested to ones that you have always loved and to the light of God’s truth. You can lead your children in making these relationships, forming a biblical worldview, and renewing their minds to impact their world.

S13: Robin Gilman - Life Learning

A great deal of our children's education happens outside of textbooks. While Robin Gilman, (mother of ten) loves books and uses curriculum, she will share about how much of our children's learning takes place informally in our daily lives and how parents can be more aware and intentional in shaping this learning for the best. Parents should come away encouraged about how much learning is happening effortlessly.

S15: Peter Stock - Homeschool 101

Parenting in the 21st Century may seem challenging but, homeschooling doesn’t have to be an overwhelming decision. If you are unfamiliar with homeschooling and have questions about how it all works, this session is for you! Learn more about home education and how your family can benefit from the freedom and flexibility of homeschooling. Discover the importance of a customized learning environment for your children. Regardless of age or ability, homeschooling is possible and well worth it.

S17: Thomas Bailey - Science and the Bible (Youth)

Can Christians be scientists? What do we really know about origins? See how much of the evidence for evolution is merely interpretation and that some of the evidence is just wrong. See how well the facts line up with the only eyewitness record there is of how the earth began: the Bible. This talk will encourage you in your faith and equip you to answer questions like ‘How did Noah get all of the animals on the ark?’ or ‘What about distant starlight?’ Also, learn why it matters what you believe about origins. This talk will include a brief Q&A.

S18: Samantha Cameron - The Write Questions: Inspiring Kids to Write Through the Art of Storytelling

Story is an essential tool in getting kids to love writing. Fortunately, anyone can learn to create a compelling story—even kids who hate to write! Discover the five elements of a good story. Learn how to teach the basics of storytelling to your students by asking "The Write Questions." As we discuss the fundamental basics of every gripping story, we'll also look at what makes fiction an effective teaching tool, how to balance mechanics with imagination, and how to choose quality reading material. Story starters will help you jump-start your class. Your students will learn to be better storytellers, and in the process gain a remarkable skill: the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes.

S19: Betsy Ray - Sexuality, Predators and Safety

How can we teach our children God’s beautiful design and purpose for sexuality, protect their purity, AND prepare them to discern the evil around them without becoming hardened? Betsy will explain and give examples of a purposeful lifestyle framework that guides our conversations, decisions, priorities, and attitudes.

S20: Sarah Proud - Why Character Teaching Matters Most - Preschool

Do you have young ones? Are you wondering how to go about this homeschooling business? With so many options to navigate through, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Homeschooling young children is exhausting, but also so rewarding. Join me, a mom of 8, as I share how to use these years to shape and mold your young child, preparing them for future success in your homeschool and in life. We’ll cover character training, life learning, curriculum, managing the home, and more, with time for your questions too. I aim to equip, encourage, and set you up for joy-filled learning.

S21: Lisa Moore-Ede - Teaching and Parenting the Middle School Years

Training in instructing our children - what does that look like during the years where they are going through so many changes? How do we as parents handle the different changes while keeping our calm?

S22: Peter Stock - Successfully Homeschooling Through the Challenges

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be challenging. Finances, illness, fatigue and even anxiety about the future have caused some families to throw in the towel. But, you don’t have to give up! Learn how to successfully overcome life’s challenges within your homeschool. Discover the importance of proactively avoiding burn-out; developing healthy community partnerships; and, intentionally investing in personal time.