S4: Helen Hoffmann - Homeschooling Through High School

Each stage of homeschooling is unique and the way we teach our children changes between elementary and high school but there is still great flexibility. You too can tailor your child’s high school years to their strengths and passions while preparing them for a successful adult life, as well as a post-secondary education. The pressures to put your children into school increase as the years pass but the rewards of homeschooling can outweigh the pressures tenfold. You can do it with joy and success!

Biography: An Ottawa native, Helen and her husband David homeschooled their 3 children from JK through Grade 12. She counts it a privilege to have had those years to invest in her family and enjoy their company. Her son is completing his Master’s degree at U Waterloo this spring, while her younger daughters are still living in the Ottawa area. Helen wants to be an encouragement to other parents who are called to this wonderful, peculiar, challenging, frustrating, delightfully rich life of homeschooling teenagers .