S17: Thomas Bailey - Science and the Bible (Youth)

Can Christians be scientists? What do we really know about origins? See how much of the evidence for evolution is merely interpretation and that some of the evidence is just wrong. See how well the facts line up with the only eyewitness record there is of how the earth began: the Bible. This talk will encourage you in your faith and equip you to answer questions like ‘How did Noah get all of the animals on the ark?’ or ‘What about distant starlight?’ Also, learn why it matters what you believe about origins. This talk will include a brief Q&A.

Biography: Thomas has been a communicator most of his life; acting, preaching and writing. He has become acutely aware of how important a literal historical view of Genesis is to the gospel and other core biblical doctrines. He is also concerned about the negative implications of the evolutionary worldview on present and future generations, especially regarding the systematic indoctrination of children into a worldview that leaves God out of the equation. Thomas and his wife Gail live in Exeter, ON. Thomas has BA in Drama, a BEd and a Diploma in Ministry.