S18: Samantha Cameron - The Write Questions: Inspiring Kids to Write Through the Art of Storytelling

Story is an essential tool in getting kids to love writing. Fortunately, anyone can learn to create a compelling story—even kids who hate to write! Discover the five elements of a good story. Learn how to teach the basics of storytelling to your students by asking "The Write Questions." As we discuss the fundamental basics of every gripping story, we'll also look at what makes fiction an effective teaching tool, how to balance mechanics with imagination, and how to choose quality reading material. Story starters will help you jump-start your class. Your students will learn to be better storytellers, and in the process gain a remarkable skill: the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes.

Biography: Samantha is a life-long educator and facilitator for learning methods that meet the multi-faceted learning styles of children from two to seventy! Samantha taught in the public system for 7 years and then was blessed to home school her 2 daughters who are now in post-secondary. She is passionate about home education and supporting those who have chosen that journey. She is a firm believer that the ability to open the doors of learning to one’s own children does not rely on a degree, but a love and desire for supporting and encouraging the strengths and gifts which God has placed in each child.