S19: Betsy Ray - Sexuality, Predators and Safety

How can we teach our children God’s beautiful design and purpose for sexuality, protect their purity, AND prepare them to discern the evil around them without becoming hardened? Betsy will explain and give examples of a purposeful lifestyle framework that guides our conversations, decisions, priorities, and attitudes.

Biography: Betsy is a warm, compassionate, and fun-hearted teacher. She and Brian have been married 33 years and have 8 children and four grandchildren. All were/are homeschooled through their secondary years. Betsy home educates her children, helps manage a six-acre farm, grows and preserves large amounts of food, is a part of local and state-wide homeschool leadership, and is active in her community exercising her gifts of hospitality, teaching, and counselling other women. Betsy earned her B.S. in elementary education. Betsy is also a key support to her husband, Dr. Brian Ray, in his international work as president of the National Home Education Research Institute.