S20: Sarah Proud - Why Character Teaching Matters Most - Preschool

Do you have young ones? Are you wondering how to go about this homeschooling business? With so many options to navigate through, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Homeschooling young children is exhausting, but also so rewarding. Join me, a mom of 8, as I share how to use these years to shape and mold your young child, preparing them for future success in your homeschool and in life. We’ll cover character training, life learning, curriculum, managing the home, and more, with time for your questions too. I aim to equip, encourage, and set you up for joy-filled learning.

Biography: Sarah has been married to Jason for almost 19 years. They have had 9 beautiful children together and have homeschooled every one of them from the start. Sarah has learned so much as the years have gone by and she is passionate about helping families thrive and helping parents grow their children into godly, responsible adults. Sarah’s oldest is almost 18 and the baby is 2, so she hasn’t forgotten the mischief filled days and sleepless nights.