2019 Conference - Audios for Individual Sessions

See below for descriptions of the 2019 RVHEA Conference sessions for which audios (in MP3 format) are available*. Some also include PDF handouts.

You may choose to buy 1, 2 or 3 sessions for $4 each, or you can go here to buy all sessions for $15.

* Unfortunately, RVHEA does not have recordings of the talks of Robin Gilman (S4), Christine Pollex (S7) and Lisa Moore-Ede (S20).

S1: Heidi St. John - Homeschooling Held Hostage

In the past fifteen years, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the homeschool community. There is much more pressure being put on homeschoolers to excel academically. We’ve gone from a few brave moms who, without access to mainstream “curriculum”, managed to give their children an excellent education—but we’ve forgotten what made it excellent. It was excellent because these moms had a vision for homeschooling—they weren’t trying to re-create school at home. They were simply being obedient to the One who had called them to be different. They knew that if He had called them, He would equip them. And they were right. If you’re struggling to find joy in your calling as a homeschooling parent, if you’re looking for more LIFE in your homeschool, this is one workshop you won’t want to miss. join Heidi as she talks about her journey away from curriculum-driven, workbook-based
homeschooling and into delight-directed learning. What she learned will bless and inspire you. Bring a notebook.

S2: Heidi St. John - I Want to Quit Homeschooling (But before you do, hear this!)

Heidi’s hunch is that you don’t need to quit... you need to see things new; to have fresh perspective and renewed vision. And maybe you need chocolate. That too. Come join Heidi for an hour of encouragement and chocolate. You’ll be glad you did!

S3: Mikaela Lemke and Geoffrey Datema - Homeschool to Career (Youth)

Two homeschool graduates share about their journeys through homeschooling in high school, post-secondary at Algonquin College, Carleton University, University of Ottawa, and life and learning beyond school.

S5: Paula Maretzki - Anger - Every Family's Secret Sin

Anger is an emotion that most families struggle within their homes yet few of us are willing to admit this. A few years ago, Paula’s family dealt with anger in their home and she is going to share their journey, particularly from a parent’s perspective. She will share the reasons for anger, the impact of anger, a Biblical perspective on anger, as well as the “anger experiment” and how to make goals for a happier home.

S6: Calvin Smith - Employee, Husband, Father... Exhausted? (Men only)

Men, is it possible to do all things well and not run on empty? Join Calvin as he explores being husband, father, homeschool parent, and employee all while trying to stay connected to God and growing in the Christian faith. What is God’s plan for men in these roles and how can we combine it all with healthy balance in real day-to-day life? With candor and humour, Calvin – husband to one, homeschooling father to three and Canadian Director for Answers in Genesis - will share and encourage men in this challenging undertaking.

S8: Diana Rolston - How to Guide Your Children Through Their Homeschool Journey

What is your role as a parent of a student who learns at home? Schoolteacher? Guidance counselor? Professor? Mentor? Or all of these, and more? It may seem overwhelming at times! During this encouraging and engaging session, Diana will help you clarify your role, and your vision for homeschooling your children.

S9: Heidi St. John - R.E.A.L. L.I.F.E. Homeschooling

Let's face it. Homeschooling is challenging. Sometimes it can feel like a major accomplishment just to take a shower and get the breakfast dishes cleaned up before dinner! Most homeschool moms feel the pressure of providing their children with a solid academic foundation ~ but there's so much more to homeschooling than academics, isn't there? The truth is that the greatest accomplishment of your homeschooling is to nurture your children in the ways of the One who made them.
REAL LIFE Homeschooling is about getting real when it comes to the issues that are unique to homeschooling families ~ but more important than that, it's about being reminded why we are homeschooling in the first place. It's about keeping our eyes on the goal of discipling our children.
If you have been or are on the edge of homeschool burnout, if you are wondering why God has called you on this homeschooling journey, or if you just need some honest, real encouragement, this is the one homeschool workshop you can't afford to miss out on!

S10: Calvin Smith - Gen Z Impact (Youth)

What in the world is going on? Why is it that the Christian church is seeing such a massive decline throughout the Western world in just a few short generations? How is it that the church seems almost helpless in speaking with influence about vital issues such as the sanctity of life, the institution of marriage, sexual ethics and even the freedom to share the Gospel? And why have so many churches conformed to the social norms of the day versus standing firm on the Word of God? What can Gen Z do to not just stand strong in the culture but actually cause an impact in the culture?

S11: Thomas Verduyn - Why God Wants Your Children to Know History

Is history important? Is it relevant? Who cares about all those dates and names and wars anyway? Long ago, God told his people through the prophet Isaiah to “remember the former things” (Isa 46:9). God wants us to know history, and that for very specific reasons. Come and hear why it is so important to teach your children what happened on this planet.

S12: Paula Maretzki - Five Lessons My Husband is Glad I Learned (Wives only)

We are not just homeschool teachers and mothers, but wives, first and foremost, and this aspect of our lives as women needs just as
much attention as what curriculum we choose. In order to be the best homeschooling moms, we need to have the strongest
marriages. Through Paula’s own experience in her marriage, she will discuss the importance of understanding what true submission
looks like, discovering our husband’s leadership style and spiritual gifts, understanding the impact of prayer and fasting for our
marriages, as well as the importance of a sizzling bedroom, not just for him, but you, too! This is a “wives only” seminar!

S13: Samantha Cameron - You Can Teach Your Preschooler at Home

You CAN Teach Your Preschooler at Home! You’ve taught your toddler how to walk and talk, so why not teach them even more?! Homeschooling your preschooler will not only give you more quality time with them at home but will build a solid educational foundation. Learn how to navigate through the early years with confidence and fun. Discover why you really are the best teacher for your little learner.

S14: Alan Gilman - Teaching Your Kids to Think Biblically

Exposing our children to the Bible is essential, but are we giving them adequate tools to engage Scripture on its own terms? In this seminar, veteran homeschooling dad and Bible teacher, Alan Gilman, will help parents create an environment in which their children can learn to think biblically.

S15: Helen Hoffmann - Special Needs

As we face the massive trials and hurdles of homeschooling our special needs children, there is never an easy, one-size-fits-all solution. Each situation is unique but there are some over-arching Biblical principles and postures that need our focus. Through this wisdom, we can then find practical solutions to face our daily and long-term challenges. There is hope for triumph and victory. Psalm 118:5-6 "In my distress I prayed to the Lord and the Lord answered me and set me free. The Lord is for me, so I will have no fear."

S16: Heidi St. John - Becoming MomStrong

Today’s mothers are living in challenging times. We’re facing things that our mothers could never have imagined. From Internet predators to the rise of domestic terrorism to the discovery GMO’s BPA’s and STD’s... our lives are vastly different than the generation before us. Many moms are struggling with fear of the future and worry about raising children in today's culture—but God says loud and clear, "Do not be afraid! Be strong and courageous!" Mom, you have a mission. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to raise the next generation of teachers, doctors, judges, police officers, grocery store clerks, attorneys, nurses—and parents. Yes! You are raising the next generation of parents. Look around. It doesn’t take very long for one generation to hand the baton to the next, and as mothers, we've got to be ready to prepare our children for whatever they may face as followers of Jesus Christ. Heidi will challenge as she talks about what it will take to "Become MomStrong" —drawing on truths from God's Word to answer the tough questions this generation of kids is asking and prepare moms to meet the challenges head-on.

S17: Kelly Maley - If Studying is Boring, Then You''re Doing Something Wrong! (Youth)

Is studying the most boring thing you can think of? Do you sit down to write a test and feel like everything you learned just fell out of your head? Come add to your tool box of study skills and learn how to identify the study tools that will work best for you.

S18: Diana Rolston - Home Educating Your Child Through High School - Handout

Why does it seem so daunting to home educate our children through high school? During this encouraging session, Diana will help you clarify your vision for preparing your teens for what awaits after high school.

S19: Lorne Robinson - HSLDA Canada Updates

Hear about the latest legal trends in home education across Canada and around the world. And learn about the latest research demonstrating the lasting value of homeschooling both academically and socially.
Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or are a veteran teaching parent, HSLDA's update will affirm the participation of every family in the home education movement.

S21: Jacqui Antonio and Alan Gilman - Helping My Child Through Anxiety/Depression

The best academics in the world aren’t worth much if our children are struggling with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. Veteran homeschooling parents Jacqui Antonio and Alan Gilman will provide biblical, personal, and professional insight to equip you to effectively help your children when facing such challenges.

S22: Calvin Smith - Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle

What in the world is going on? Why is it that the Christian church is seeing such a massive decline throughout the Western world in just a few short generations? How is it that the church seems almost helpless in speaking with influence about vital issues such as the sanctity of life, the institution of marriage, sexual ethics and even the freedom to share the Gospel? And why have so many churches conformed to the social norms of the day versus standing firm on the Word of God? Discover the root cause of the issue as we examine the foundations of our faith beginning in Genesis.