S5: Paula Maretzki - Anger - Every Family's Secret Sin

Anger is an emotion that most families struggle within their homes yet few of us are willing to admit this. A few years ago, Paula’s family dealt with anger in their home and she is going to share their journey, particularly from a parent’s perspective. She will share the reasons for anger, the impact of anger, a Biblical perspective on anger, as well as the “anger experiment” and how to make goals for a happier home.

Biography: Paula has been a wife to Gord for 24 years and a mom to 8 children, all still at home. God has used everything from homeschooling to puppies to marriage and kids to continue the work of sanctification, in not just her life, but her whole family’s. Her favourite thing is to meet with younger moms and encourage them in their spiritual journey. She’s often joked she has her degree in “Having Coffee”.