S11: Thomas Verduyn - Why God Wants Your Children to Know History

Is history important? Is it relevant? Who cares about all those dates and names and wars anyway? Long ago, God told his people through the prophet Isaiah to “remember the former things” (Isa 46:9). God wants us to know history, and that for very specific reasons. Come and hear why it is so important to teach your children what happened on this planet.

Biography: After graduating from the University of Toronto with a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Thomas was forced to conclude that his education was incomplete. He has been home-schooling himself ever since. An avid student and scholar, his research has covered history, theology, medicine, biology, languages, and physics. But it is walking with God and studying the Holy Bible that has given him the greatest joy. Thomas has an intense love for teaching others, finds joy in passing on to others the fruits of his research, and is known for his ability to explain difficult topics to youth.