S12: Paula Maretzki - Five Lessons My Husband is Glad I Learned (Wives only)

We are not just homeschool teachers and mothers, but wives, first and foremost, and this aspect of our lives as women needs just as
much attention as what curriculum we choose. In order to be the best homeschooling moms, we need to have the strongest
marriages. Through Paula’s own experience in her marriage, she will discuss the importance of understanding what true submission
looks like, discovering our husband’s leadership style and spiritual gifts, understanding the impact of prayer and fasting for our
marriages, as well as the importance of a sizzling bedroom, not just for him, but you, too! This is a “wives only” seminar!

Biography: Paula has been a wife to Gord for 24 years and a mom to 8 children, all still at home. God has used everything from homeschooling to puppies to marriage and kids to continue the work of sanctification, in not just her life, but her whole family’s. Her favourite thing is to meet with younger moms and encourage them in their spiritual journey. She’s often joked she has her degree in “Having Coffee”.