2017 Conference - Audios for Individual Sessions

See below for descriptions of the 2017 RVHEA Conference sessions for which audios (in MP3 format) are available. Some also include PDF handouts.

You may choose to buy 1, 2 or 3 sessions for $4 each, or you can go here to buy all sessions for $15.

S1: Sam Oosterhoff - From Homeschooling to MPP

Biography: Sam Oosterhoff is the Member of Provincial Parliament for Niagara West-Glanbrook. His election to the Ontario Legislature in November 2016 made history and headlines across Canada, as he became the youngest ever MPP.  Prior to his election, he studied Political Science at Brock University and worked in federal politics in Ottawa. Sam grew up on his family’s farm in the Niagara Peninsula along with his seven siblings. He values the blessing of his home education which gave him the opportunity to interact with politicians and to shape his thinking of great ideas – truth and lies, good and evil, God and man – all foundational to a comprehensive leadership role.

S2: Hal and Melanie Young - Keynote Session – Bigger on the Inside

When we opened the door to homeschooling, we found much more than we’d counted on. From the outside, we saw well-behaved children who won contests and scholarships, but behind the door we found scary monsters, steep pathways, and distractions on every hand. There was more, though - we also discovered sweeping vistas, deep pools, and unexpected treasures. Join Hal and Melanie, veterans of two decades homeschooling their eight children, as they talk about slaying the dragons and planting your claim on the breathtaking country ahead!

S3: Hal and Melanie Young - Raising Real Men

In spite of what the culture is telling us, boys and girls are different. Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of a playdate or had a single math lesson take three hours? Then, you're probably raising boys!  If the world seems intent on gender-bending and forcing our sons into a feminized mold, Hal and Melanie, parents of six boys, explain the Biblical way out - and a better way to turn wild little dirt-lovers into strong Christian men!

S4: Bill Stevens and Sam Oosterhoff - Preparing your Child for Life - Two Perspectives

Attitude Counts but Relationship is Everything. The kid living in your basement may be a round peg looking for a square hole. My story: once I got out of the basement I found a world of square holes!
Inspiring your teens in an age of low expectations.

S5 Diana Rolston - Preparing an Educational Philosophy

Do you feel like you’re running around without any direction? Every field trip and homeschooling activity sounds fantastic? You’re feeling worn out? This is not what you had in mind when you signed up for homeschooling! During this biblically based, honest discussion, you’ll learn how a well-defined educational philosophy can direct your homeschooling decisions and give you the assurance that you’re on the right track.

S6 Mary Anne Brown - The Preschool Years

MaryAnne encourages a relaxed approach to homeschooling during the preschool years. For her family, it is a time for bonding, fostering a love of learning, exploring learning strategies and interests, establishing sound discipline methods, and allowing ample time for imaginative play. MaryAnne will speak to a homeschooling style that acknowledges and promotes the spiritual, emotional, social, intellectual, and physical dimensions of the human person. She will explore the building blocks of preschool homeschooling and share practical tips on how to ensure these early, precious years lay a strong foundation for the future.

S7 Susan Laird - Choosing and Using Books

How do you feel when we say – "BOOKS!!"? Delighted? Depressed? Depends? Reading is a gift from cradle to adulthood. Join Susan as she explores ideas to assist our trips to the library and our book purchases. What criteria should be considered for choosing books that are consistent with our family's values and worldview? How can we help our children evaluate a book for themselves? How can we make better use of books? Susan will discuss a wide variety of ways to incorporate academic assignments into our homeschools while still nurturing a pleasure for reading. This session will encourage you if your homeschool is a bit reluctant to reading or is new to enjoying literature, and will hone your passion if your homeschool already delights in using Good Books.

S8 Jason Lindsay - Youth Can Do Amazing Things

God gives us all certain skills and abilities that we can use to honor and glorify Him. Not everybody will be great at everything, bu most of us can be better at something than we are. And, we can be better at a younger age than most of us believe. Join Jason Lindsay, owner of Young Entrepreneurs of North America, as he explores the amazing things that youth are capable of when following Biblical principles - from starting their own business, to preparing for marriage, and more! I welcome and encourage all parents of youth to attend.

S9 Hal and Melanie Young - How to be Happily Married while Homeschooling

Everyone says homeschooling is a lifestyle, not just an educational choice. If so, they why are we surprised when it affects our marriage? Find out how wives can have something left for their husbands at the end of the day, and husbands can understand the burdens their wives face. Let's make sure homeschooling makes our marriage stronger.

S10 Jason Lindsay - The Amazing Things Youth Can Do

God gives us all certain skills and abilities that we can use to honor and glorify Him. Not everybody will be great at everything, but most of us can be better at something than we are. And, we can be better at a younger age than most of us believe. Join Jason Lindsay, owner of Young Entrepreneurs of North America, as he explores the amazing things that youth are capable of when following Biblical principles - from starting their own business, to preparing for marriage, and more! I welcome and encourage all parents of youth to attend.

S11 John Janssen - Science Supports the Scripture

Christians will be encouraged in their faith as they hear how scientific evidence supports what the Bible says, particularly the book of Genesis. When we see that Genesis can be trusted in everything it says, including science, it builds faith in the entire Bible. Come out and hear that science actually supports the Bible, ask some questions and explore ways to teach your children that the Bible can be trusted in all that it says.

S12 Ingrid Poupart - What it feels like having reading difficulties

Students who can’t read feel shame and embarrassment. Parents can’t understand why their child can’t pick up the reading skills. Come and find out how reading works in the brain and why students might not be able to pick up the skill. This interactive seminar allows the audience to experience what their struggling student goes through on a daily basis.

S13 Ellen Hackett - Homeschool 101

Are you considering homeschooling or have you just started and wonder what your priorities should be? Do you only have preschoolers, or are you thinking of taking your children out of school and aren’t sure where to begin?
During the workshop we will consider these questions and other concerns new homeschoolers have such as:
Are there Biblical directives that are relevant to homeschooling?
How will your family function socially and academically – how can I, as a mother, teach when I am not a “teacher”?
Does the public school model work well in the home?
What are the essentials to teach your child?
We will also address general principles of homeschooling such as goal setting, scheduling, curriculum, and maintaining a balance in your life. We will leave ample time to address your questions.

S14 Susan Laird - Strong-Willed Treasures

Watch out world: there is a strong will in the house! How do you face the challenges when you have a child who resists learning, questions everything and wants to do things their way? With grace and humour and lots of prayer watch YOUR life grow as you parent, teach, guide and encourage. YOU will be transformed as you allow the Lord to lead you through these turbulent years, and so influence a life. Susan taught and trained her strong-willed daughter from birth through high school graduation. Now she stands amazed as she watches this young lady achieve so much because of the inner determination which propels her through life. Come to learn the practical do's and don'ts when you've been entrusted with one of these treasures in your homeschool family.

S15 Hal and Melanie Young - Homeschooling is not Enough

“Because none of it will matter if they don't follow Christ.” Many homeschoolers hope and pray that because they've homeschooled, their children will turn out all right, but unfortunately, we are seeing a number of homeschooled children turning away from God in rebellion. We can't make our children serve Christ, but we can make sure we aren't standing in the way! Find out about the power of delighting in your children and loving them as Christ loves us. Hear how to point them to the Savior and teach them to serve Him!

S16 Alan and Naomi Gilman - Taking Risks for Jesus

Bored? Scared? Have trouble making decisions? Come out and hear from this father and daughter team about how following Jesus is an invitation to embark on a Great Adventure of faith, not just a matter of being good people who obey a set of rules and principles. Find out what the Bible says about it and be challenged by real-time examples.

S17 Nancy Schreimer - The Art of Teaching in the Homeschool

Homeschooling is a challenging calling that can sometimes overwhelm us. However, remembering the Bible’s view of education gives us guidelines, vision, and hope whatever our homeschooling approach and whatever the ages of our children. Making it practical, I will share what we have learned over two decades of homeschooling toddlers to teens, trying out various methods, exploring curricula, learning from others, and making mistakes. We have learned what we need to do every day and what to avoid, what to streamline and what to emphasize. An annotated resource list will be provided.

S18 Robin Gilman - Stress Free Homeschooling - Getting it all done and Enjoying it

Drawing from her experience of homeschooling ten children, Robin Gilman will encourage parents in their own homeschooling journey. She will provide practical tips to help in the daily walking out of this glorious, but sometimes challenging, task. Not only can we homeschool successfully, we can and should also enjoy it!
Robin will address common stresses, practical running of our households, the academic aspect, scheduling, cultivating a spirit of thankfulness, and so much more. Robin Gilman, wife of Bible Teacher Alan Gilman, has had the privilege of homeschooling all ten of their children, eight of whom are graduated and living exciting lives as adults, making a difference in the world in a great variety of ways.

S19 Stephen Priddle and Stephen Shew - Dads Session - Two Perspectives

Two Stephens (Shew and Priddle) will share about their homeschooling journey and philosophy. This will include what convinced them to home educate, the family and marriage dynamics, and things they learned through the experience that they would like to share with others.
Shew has three girls who started in the public system and has one finishing home education, with the children’s post-secondary focus being fine and vocal arts. On the other hand, Priddle has three boys and a girl and has completed their home education, and the children’s post-secondary studies have been applied (accounting, engineering, electrician trade).

S20 Mike and Linda Lemke - Teaching Through High School

You have mastered the teaching of the A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s and now it’s time to face the High School years. Perhaps your child is of High School age and you are considering homeschooling for the first time. Whatever your situation, High School can seem like an overwhelming challenge.
Join us as we look at practical ways to tackle the three T’s of High School: Teaching Curriculum, Transcript Construction, and
Transitioning Post-High School.

S21 Susan Laird - Get Active - Physical Education in the Homeschool

Physical activity was more a necessity than an interest when Susan began to homeschool her two very different children. The results benefited both students and mum! Children of all ages do better when they can move, and homeschooling is an excellent setting to learn to be active and healthy. Come hear how Phys Ed can be as simple as enjoying an activity or as complicated as learning all the rules. You will discover how easily Physical Education can be incorporated into life and into a full-looking transcript credit, once you begin to explore all the opportunities. It does not need to cost a lot! Join Susan as she leads this discussion covering many options to Be ACTIVE in our homeschools and beyond.

S22 Sam Oosterhoff - Meaningful Leadership (Youth)

What does leadership mean in the 21st Century? How can youth meaningfully lead in a millennial age? The place of virtue ethics in 21st Century leadership.
Note: As this session of the RVHEA conference was not recorded, OCHEC has graciously provided a recording of Sam Oosterhoff's talk at this spring's OCHEC conference, which was substantially similar, and which we make available here.