S19: Lorne Robinson - HSLDA Canada Updates

Hear about the latest legal trends in home education across Canada and around the world. And learn about the latest research demonstrating the lasting value of homeschooling both academically and socially.
Whether you are brand new to homeschooling or are a veteran teaching parent, HSLDA's update will affirm the participation of every family in the home education movement.

Biography: HSLDA Board of Directors member, Lorne Robinson, is a great supporter of, and contributor to, the homeschooling movement. An experience of feeling let down by the public school board with regards to his son led Lorne and his wife, Cathy, to homeschool their three children. As a speaker, Lorne communicates the inspirational story of how his son went from being labelled a ‘slow learner’ to becoming a PhD candidate!
By trade, Lorne is a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Life Underwriter. His knowledge of Biblical stewardship is invaluable to both the Board of HSLDA, and also to the members who are privileged to hear Lorne speak at homeschooling conferences. He is, indeed, an expert on the theology of finances, and is able to support homeschooling families by answering their questions with wisdom.

Lorne also has served in pastoral ministry for nearly 30 years, and so he has the compassion and servant heart that serves to strengthen the homeschooling community.